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This website only covers legacy Amiga development and is not an official source of information by any means. It was created primarily to facilitate online discussions about classic Amiga development by allowing people to directly link to individual pages of the legacy documentation.

For official material on AmigaOS 4.0 and higher, please visit the AmigaOS Documentation Wiki. It also contains the master hardware ID registry, IFF FORM registry, and copies of official standards.

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From the Amiga Developer CD v2.1 (OS 3.5)

Note: The complete Amiga Developer CD v2.1 (with much more material) can be purchased at Vesalia online.

[*] Amiga Mail Volume II (May/June 1993)
[*] Amiga RKM Devices Manual
[*] Amiga Hardware Reference Manual
[*] Includes and Autodocs 2.0
[*] Includes and Autodocs 3.5
[*] Amiga RKM Libraries Manual
[>] ADCD v2.1 downloadable archives (tar+gzip)

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