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This appendix contains the keyboard interface specification for A1000,
A500, A2000 and A3000.

The keyboard plugs into the Amiga computer via a cable with four
 primary connections .  The four wires provide 5-volt power, ground, and
signals called KCLK (keyboard clock) and KDAT (keyboard data).  KCLK is
unidirectional and always driven by the keyboard; KDAT is driven by both
the keyboard and the computer.  Both signals are open-collector; there are
pullup resistors in both the keyboard (inside the keyboard microprocessor)
and the computer.

 Keyboard Communications      Reset Warning 
 Keycodes                     Hard Reset 
 Caps Lock Key                Matrix Table 
 Out-of-Sync Condition        Special Codes 
 Power-Up Sequence 

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