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by John Orr

The asl.library library provides the release 2.0 Amiga OS with system
standard file and font requesters.  Any application that needs to use a
file or font requester should use asl.library requesters because they are
easy to implement, they are easy for the user to learn, and because they
are the same from one application to the next, they make applications more
user friendly.

This article requires a general understanding of several Amiga concepts:
TagItems and TagLists (see the Utility library Autodocs), Intuition
screens and windows, some of the graphics.library's font structures, and
AmigaDOS pattern matching.

 Opening a Simple File Requester 
 File Pattern Matching and Multiple Selects 
 The ASL_Window Tag 
 The Save Requester 
 A Directory Requester 
 The Font Requester 
 The ASL_HookFunc Tag 

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