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* The most common mistake programmers make with timer.device is to send
  off a particular timerequest before the previous use of that timerequest
  has completed.  Use IO_Torture to catch this problem.

* IO_QUICK requests may be deferred and be replied as documented.

* VBLANK timer requests, as documented, now wait at least as long as the
  full number of VBlanks you asked for.  Previously, a partial vertical
  blank could count towards your requested number.  The new behavior is
  more correct and matches the docs, but it can cause VBlank requests to
  now take up to 1 VBlank longer under 2.0 as compared to 1.3.  For
  example, a 1/10 second request, may take 6-7 Vblanks instead of 5-6
  VBlanks, or about 15% longer.

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