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ActivateCxObj(co,true)(a0,d0)           - Change the activation state of a
                                          commodity object.
AddIEvents(events)(a0)                  - Add input events to commodities'
                                          input stream. (V36)
AttachCxObj(headobj,co)(a0/a1)          - Attach a commodity object to the
                                          end of an existing
ClearCxObjError(co)(a0)                 - Clear the accumulated error
                                          value of a commodity
CreateCxObj(type,arg1,arg2)(d0/a0/a1)   - Create a new commodity object.
CxBroker(nb,error)(a0,d0)               - Create a commodity broker. (V36)
CxMsgData(cxm)(a0)                      - Obtain a pointer to a commodity
                                          message's data area. (V36)
CxMsgID(cxm)(a0)                        - Obtain the ID of a commodity
                                          message. (V36)
CxMsgType(cxm)(a0)                      - Obtain the type of a commodity
                                          message. (V36)
CxObjError(co)(a0)                      - Obtain a commodity object's
                                          accumulated error. (V36)
CxObjType(co)(a0)                       - Obtain the type of a commodity
                                          object. (V36)
DeleteCxObj(co)(a0)                     - Delete a commmodity object. (V36)

DeleteCxObjAll(co)(a0)                  - Recursively delete a tree of
                                          commodity objects.
DisposeCxMsg(cxm)(a0)                   - Delete a commodity message. (V36)

DivertCxMsg(cxm,headobj,ret)(a0/a1/a2)  - Send a commodity message down an
                                          object list. (V36)
EnqueueCxObj(headobj,co)(a0/a1)         - Insert a commodity object within
                                          a list of objects
InsertCxObj(headobj,co,pred)(a0/a1/a2)  - Insert a commodity object in a
                                          list after a given
                                        - Generate an input event from an
                                          ANSI code. (V36)
ParseIX(description,ix)(a0/a1)          - Initialize an input expression
                                          given a description string.
RemoveCxObj(co)(a0)                     - Remove a commodity object from a
                                          list. (V36)
RouteCxMsg(cxm,co)(a0/a1)               - Set the next destination of a
                                          commodity message. (V36)
SetCxObjPri(co,pri)(a0,d0)              - Set the priority of a commodity
                                          object. (V36)
SetFilter(filter,text)(a0/a1)           - Change the matching condition of
                                          a commodity filter.
SetFilterIX(filter,ix)(a0/a1)           - Change the matching condition of
                                          a commodity filter.
SetTranslate(translator,events)(a0/a1)  - Replace a translator object's
                                          translation list. (V36)

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