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CreateContext(glistptr)(a0)             - Create a place for GadTools
                                          context data. (V36)
                                        - Allocate and initialize a
                                          gadtools gadget. (V36)
CreateMenusA(newmenu,taglist)(a0/a1)    - Allocate and fill out a menu
                                          structure. (V36)
                                        - Draws a bevelled box. (V36)
FreeGadgets(gad)(a0)                    - Free a linked list of gadgets.
FreeMenus(menu)(a0)                     - Frees memory allocated by
                                          CreateMenusA(). (V36)
FreeVisualInfo(vi)(a0)                  - Return any resources taken by
                                          GetVisualInfo. (V36)
GetVisualInfoA(screen,taglist)(a0/a1)   - Get information GadTools needs
                                          for visuals. (V36)
GT_BeginRefresh(win)(a0)                - Begin refreshing friendly to
                                          GadTools. (V36)
GT_EndRefresh(win,complete)(a0,d0)      - End refreshing friendly to
                                          GadTools. (V36)
GT_FilterIMsg(imsg)(a1)                 - Filter an IntuiMessage through
                                          GadTools. (V36)
GT_GetIMsg(iport)(a0)                   - Get an IntuiMessage, with
                                          GadTools processing. (V36)
GT_PostFilterIMsg(imsg)(a1)             - Return the unfiltered message
GT_RefreshWindow(win,req)(a0/a1)        - Refresh all the GadTools
                                          gadgets. (V36)
GT_ReplyIMsg(imsg)(a1)                  - Reply a message obtained with
                                          GT_GetIMsg(). (V36)
                                        - Change the attributes of a
                                          GadTools gadget. (V36)
                                        - Position all the menu items.
                                        - Position all the menus and menu
                                          items. (V36)

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