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by John Orr

One of the improvements made to the Amiga's operating system for
Workbench Release 2.1 is programmatic control of AGFA's IntelliFontÒ
scaling engine.  With this engine, application programs can fully
utilize Compugraphic (CG) typefaces installed by Fountain (the CG
typeface install that comes with 2.04 and 2.1).  Some of the features
that the font scaling engine offers include:

    * Rasterization of a typeface to arbitrary vertical and horizontal

    * Baseline rotation of glyphs to an arbitrary angle.

    * Glyph shearing (italicizing) to any angle from -45 to 45 degrees

    * Access to kerning tables.

    * Algorithmic emboldening.

 Starting the Engine      Width Lists      Other Level 0 Tags 
 Rasterizing a Glyph      Rotating         The Otag File Tags 
 Kerning                  Shearing         About the Examples 


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