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Many people and companies have contributed to the SANA-II Network Device
Driver Specification. The original SANA-II Autodocs and includes were put
together by Ray Brand, Perry Kivolowitz (ASDG) and Martin Hunt. Those
original documents evolved to their current state and grew to include this
document at the hands of Dale Larson and Greg Miller. Brian Jackson and
John Orr provided valuable editing. Randell Jesup has provided sage advice
on several occasions. The buffer management callback mechanism was his
idea. Dale Luck (GfxBase) and Rick Spanbauer (Ameristar Technologies) have
provided valuable comments throughout the process. Nicolas Benezan
(ADONIS) provided many detailed and useful comments on weaknesses in late
drafts of the specification. Thanks to all the above and the numerous
others who have contributed with their comments, questions and

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