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A CDTV application is not simply an Amiga application running in a
different box.  The CDTV player imposes certain restrictions on an
application--no menus and large icons, for example, and provides
certain benefits--large storage capacity and digital audio.  The wise
CDTV developer respects the former and takes advantage of the latter.

The list below gives you, the developer, a quick reference to the do's
and don'ts of CDTV applications. It contains rules and common sense
advice. They are broken into two groups, minimum requirements and
quality standards.

Minimum Requirements - The minimum necessary to be an acceptable CDTV

Quality Standards - To get into people's homes, you need to do more
than the minimum.  These will help you make the trip.

 Level 1 Minimum Requirements 
 Reference Titles 
 Recreation Titles 
 Level 2 Quality: The Next Standard 

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