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The A570 does not include the following items found on the CDTV player:

    * Infrared remote control.
    * Audio CD control buttons (Play, FF, etc.).
    * Fluorescent display.
    * Personal RAM Card slot.
    * RF or composite video output to TV or VCR.
    * MIDI ports.

Of course, functional equivalents of most of these items are already a
part of the Amiga 500; many others are available as options. Although
the Amiga lacks the standard CDTV resources above, the Amiga connected
to the A570 provides resources not available on all CDTVs.  Every title
running on an A570 will have access to a floppy disk drive and a
keyboard.  CDTV titles should support saving to a floppy, along with
saving to a personal RAM card.

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