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Game Port Form Factor

The new models in the Amiga product family all use a standard a
D-style, 9-pin male connector for mouse and joystick controllers.  On
the Amiga 600, the small size of the motherboard requires a design in
which these two connectors are very close together.

Shown below are the recommended dimensions to use for the female
connector on a mouse or joystick compatible with all Amiga models.
All dimensions are in millimeters.

The diagrams below show the arrangement of the connectors on the new
Amiga models, the Amiga 600, Amiga 1200, and Amiga 4000.  Note that
these show the openings in the Amiga's casework, not the size of the
connectors.  As you can see, the placement of the connectors on the
Amiga 600 requires a mouse or joystick with a connector that conforms
to the specification above.   All dimensions are in millimeters.

Figure 1 - A1200 Game Port
Figure 2 - A4000 Game Port
Figure 3 - A600 Game Port
Figure 4 - Game connector casing

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