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;/* CloneWB.c -  V36 Clone Workbench screen.  Compiled with SAS/C 6.56

Copyright (c) 1990-1999 Amiga, Inc.

This example is provided in electronic form by Amiga, Inc.
for use with the Amiga Mail Volume II technical publication.
Amiga Mail Volume II contains additional information on the correct
usage of the techniques and operating system functions presented in
these examples.  The source and executable code of these examples may
only be distributed in free electronic form, via bulletin board or
as part of a fully non-commercial and freely redistributable
diskette.  Both the source and executable code (including comments)
must be included, without modification, in any copy.  This example
may not be published in printed form or distributed with any
commercial product. However, the programming techniques and support
routines set forth in these examples may be used in the development
of original executable software products for Amiga

All other rights reserved.

This example is provided "as-is" and is subject to change; no
warranties are made.  All use is at your own risk. No liability or
responsibility is assumed.

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <intuition/intuition.h>
#include <intuition/screens.h>
#include <graphics/displayinfo.h>

#include <clib/exec_protos.h>
#include <clib/intuition_protos.h>
#include <clib/graphics_protos.h>

#include <pragmas/exec_pragmas.h>
#include <pragmas/intuition_pragmas.h>
#include <pragmas/graphics_pragmas.h>

struct IntuitionBase *IntuitionBase;
struct GfxBase *GfxBase;
extern struct Library *SysBase;

struct EasyStruct failedES = {
    sizeof(struct EasyStruct), 0, "CWB",

void            main(void);

    struct Screen *wbscreen;
    struct Screen *clonescreen;
    struct Window *window;
    struct ViewPort *vp;
    struct IntuiMessage *msg;
    ULONG modeID;

    struct DisplayInfo displayinfo;
    struct MonitorInfo monitorinfo;
    struct DimensionInfo dimensioninfo;
    struct NameInfo nameinfo;
    struct DrawInfo *drawinfo;

    ULONG result;

    /* Fails silently when not V36 */
    if (IntuitionBase = OpenLibrary("intuition.library", 36)) {
        if (GfxBase = OpenLibrary("graphics.library", 36)) {

            if (wbscreen = LockPubScreen("Workbench")) {
                /* Using intuition.library/GetScreenDrawInfo(), we get the pen
                 * array we'll use for the screen clone the easy way. */
                drawinfo = GetScreenDrawInfo(wbscreen);

                vp = &(wbscreen->ViewPort);
                /* Use graphics.library/GetVPModeID() to get the ModeID of the
                 * Workbench screen. */
                if ((modeID = GetVPModeID(vp)) != INVALID_ID) {
                    /* OK, we got a valid ModeID for the Workbench
                     * screen (surprise) */

                    /* With just the ModeID, the lock on the Workbench
                     * screen & drawinfo->dri_Pens we're able to clone the
                     * Workbench exactly, displaymode and all. When you want
                     * to know everything there is to know about this
                     * displaymode, use graphics.library/GetDisplayInfoData().
                    /* 'result' is the actual # of bytes copies
                     * into the buffer.
                     * See graphics/displayinfo.h for definitions
                     * of the various structures.
                    result = GetDisplayInfoData(NULL,
                                                (UBYTE *)&monitorinfo,
                                                sizeof(struct MonitorInfo),
                                                DTAG_MNTR, modeID);
                    result = GetDisplayInfoData(NULL,
                                                (UBYTE *)&displayinfo,
                                                sizeof(struct DisplayInfo),
                                                DTAG_DISP, modeID);
                    result = GetDisplayInfoData(NULL,
                                                (UBYTE *)&dimensioninfo,
                                                sizeof(struct DimensionInfo),
                    result = GetDisplayInfoData(NULL,
                                                (UBYTE *)&nameinfo,
                                                sizeof(struct NameInfo),

                    /* If you don't want to clone the workbench exactly,
                     * you could use one of the other overscan modes
                     * and/or min/max.
                     * dimensions in dimensioninfo or open a regular screen.
                    if (clonescreen = OpenScreenTags(NULL,
                        /* Could use STDSCREENWIDTH/HEIGHT for non-scrollable
                         * screens. Those make */
                        SA_Width, wbscreen->Width,

                        /* OpenScreen() use the textoverscan values */
                        SA_Height, wbscreen->Height,

                        SA_DisplayID, modeID,

                        SA_Depth, wbscreen->BitMap.Depth,

                        /*Workbench always sizes up to OSCAN_TEXT, so do we */
                        SA_Overscan, OSCAN_TEXT,

                        SA_Pens, drawinfo->dri_Pens,

                        SA_Title, nameinfo.Name,

                        /* Doesn't hurt for screens which don't scroll */
                        SA_AutoScroll, TRUE,

                        TAG_END)) {

                        if (window = OpenWindowTags(NULL,
                            WA_Top, clonescreen->BarHeight + 1,
                            WA_Height, clonescreen->Height
                                                - (clonescreen->BarHeight + 1),
                            WA_CustomScreen, clonescreen,
                            WA_MinWidth, 320,
                            WA_MinHeight, 100,
                            WA_MaxWidth, clonescreen->Width,
                            WA_MaxHeight, clonescreen->Height,

                            /* I'm only interested in CLOSEWINDOW messages */
                            WA_IDCMP, CLOSEWINDOW,
                            WA_Flags, WINDOWSIZING|WINDOWDRAG|
                            WA_Title, "Close to exit.",
                            TAG_END)) {

                            /* Wait for the closewindow message */
                            /* And remove message from the port */
                            while(msg = (struct IntuiMessage *)
                                ReplyMsg((struct Message *)msg);
                        } else
                            EasyRequest(NULL, &failedES, NULL,
                                        "Can't open window");
                    } else
                        EasyRequest(NULL, &failedES, NULL,
                                    "Can't open screen");
                } else
                    EasyRequest(NULL, &failedES, NULL, "Invalide ModeID");
                FreeScreenDrawInfo(wbscreen, drawinfo);
                UnlockPubScreen(NULL, wbscreen);
            } else
                EasyRequest(NULL, &failedES, NULL,
                            "Can't lock Workbench screen");

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