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Class:                  frameiclass
Superclass:             imageclass
Description:            A raised, sunken, or chisled image class
                        supporting frame dimensions and Intuition new
                        look parameters.
Include File:           <intuition/imageclass.h>

New Methods:

None, but implements some of the no-ops in imageclass.

Changed Methods:

OM_GET - A no-op for this class.

IM_DRAW - Draws the embossed frame in its natural (Image) dimensions.
Frame thickness support of IA_LineWidth is currently not implemented.
Frame type is determined by attributes below, colors determined by
DrawInfo and supports these drawing states:


Renders edges in shadowPen, shinePen, and backgroundPen for the
interior.  NOTE: No ghosting is done for IDS_DISABLED.


Renders edges in shadowPen, shinePen, and hifillPen, for the interior.

IM_DRAWFRAME - Same as IM_DRAW, but draws frame to specified exterior

IM_FRAMEBOX - Centers contents, adds dimension for frame thickness, plus
an interior margin of the same thickness.


IA_Recessed                     (IS)

Specifies that the frame should be recessed into the drawing surface
(shadowPen used on upper and left edges).  Default is FALSE, a raised

IA_DoubleEmboss                 (IS)

Two nested embossed frames for "chisled" boxes or "ridges".  Not
currently supported.

IA_EdgesOnly                    (IS)

Does not fill frame, just draws the edges.

IA_LineWidth                    ()

Not currently supported.

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