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Class:                  itexticlass
Superclass:             imageclass
Description:            IntuiText equivalent with attribute override.
Include File:           <intuition/imageclass.h>

New Methods:


Changed Methods:

IM_DRAW - Draws IntuiText specified as IA_Data overriding the attributes
specified in the IntuiText structure.  The Mode used is JAM1, the color
as specified as IA_FGPen.  The position of the itexticlass object is
added to the position of the IntuiText.

This class was defined to make new-looking AutoRequesters without
changing the IntuiText structures passed to it.


IA_Data                         (ISG)

Processed blindly by superclass, must be a pointer to a normal IntuiText

IA_FGPen                        (ISG)

Processed by superclass, used as APen when drawing text.

IA_Left, IA_Top                 (ISG)

Added to IntuiText offsets.

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