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; /* Compiled with SAS/C 6.56.  Run from CLI only.
slink from lib:c.o dt.o TO dt LIBRARY lib:sc.lib lib:amiga.lib
quit ; */

#include <exec/types.h>
#include <datatypes/datatypesclass.h>  /* This includes other files we need */
#include <stdio.h>

#include <clib/exec_protos.h>          /* Prototypes for system functions */
#include <clib/intuition_protos.h>
#include <clib/datatypes_protos.h>

#ifdef LATTICE                         /* Disable SAS/C CTRL-C handling */
int CXBRK(void)    { return(0); }
int chkabort(void) { return(0); }

struct Library *IntuitionBase=NULL;    /* System library bases */
struct Library *DataTypesBase=NULL;

VOID main(int argc, char **argv)
APTR dtobject=NULL;        /* Pointer to a datatypes object */
struct dtTrigger mydtt;    /* A trigger structure for the DTM_TRIGGER method */
ULONG dores;               /* Variable for return values    */

if (IntuitionBase=OpenLibrary("intuition.library",39L))
   if(DataTypesBase=OpenLibrary("datatypes.library",39L) )
      if(argc > 1 ) /* CLI only, at least one argument please. */
         /* Attempt to make an 8svx sound object from the file name the user */
         /* specified in the command line.  For a list of possible error     */
         /* returns, see the Autodocs for NewDTObjectA().  The group ID tag  */
         /* will allow only sound datatype files to be accepted for the call.*/
         if (dtobject = NewDTObject(argv[1], DTA_GroupID, GID_SOUND,
                                             TAG_END) )
            mydtt.MethodID     = DTM_TRIGGER; /* Fill in the dtTrigger struct */
            mydtt.dtt_GInfo    = NULL;
            mydtt.dtt_Function = STM_PLAY;
            mydtt.dtt_Data     = NULL;

            /* The return value of the DTM_TRIGGER method used with the 8svx */
            /* sound datatype is undefined in V39.  This is likely to change */
            /* in future versions of the Amiga operating system.             */
            dores = DoDTMethodA(dtobject, NULL, NULL, &mydtt);

            /* Let the 8svx sound finish playing.  Currently (V39) there is  */
            /* no programmatic way to find out when it is finished playing.  */

         else printf("Couldn't create new object or not a sound data file\n");

      else printf("Give a file name too.\n");

   else printf("Can't open datatypes library\n");

else printf("Can't open V39 Intuition\n");

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