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The following short programs are examples of how to use a device.  Both
send the serial device command SDCMD_QUERY to the serial device to
determine the status of the serial device lines and registers.  The first
program is for pre-V36 versions of the operating system (before Release 2)
and the second is for V36 and higher.  You may use the pre-V36 version
with V36 and higher, but you may not use the V36 version with older

The programs differ in the way they create the message port and I/O
request.  The pre-V36 version uses the amiga.lib functions CreatePort() to
create the message port and CreateExtIO() to create the I/O request; the
V36 version uses the Exec functions CreateMsgPort() to create the message
port and CreateIORequest() to create the I/O request.  Those are the only

     Device Usage Example (Pre-V36) 
     Device Usage Example (Kickstart V36 And Up) 

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