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The following table describes the supported printer functions.

   Just Because We Have It Doesn't Mean You Do.
   Not all printers support every command.  Unsupported commands will
   either be ignored or simulated using available functions.

To transmit a command to the printer device, you can either formulate a
character stream containing the material shown in the "Escape Sequence"
column of the table below or send an PRD_PRTCOMMAND device I/O command
to the printer device with the "Name" of the function you wish to


           Cmd     Escape                                          Defined
   Name    No.     Sequence   Function                               by:
   ----    ---     --------   --------                             -------
   aRIS    0       ESCc       Reset                                ISO
   aRIN    1       ESC#1      Initialize                           +++
   aIND    2       ESCD       Linefeed                             ISO
   aNEL    3       ESCE       Return,linefeed                      ISO
   aRI     4       ESCM       Reverse linefeed                     ISO
   aSGR0   5       ESC[0m     Normal char set                      ISO
   aSGR3   6       ESC[3m     Italics on                           ISO
   aSGR23  7       ESC[23m    Italics off                          ISO
   aSGR4   8       ESC[4m     Underline on                         ISO
   aSGR24  9       ESC[24m    Underline off                        ISO
   aSGR1   10      ESC[1m     Boldface on                          ISO
   aSGR22  11      ESC[22m    Boldface off                         ISO
   aSFC    12      ESC[nm     Set foreground color where n         ISO
                              stands for a pair of ASCII digits,
                              3 followed by any number 0-9
                              (See ISOColor Table)

   aSBC    13      ESC[nm     Set background color where n         ISO
                              stands for a pair of ASCII digits,
                              4 followed by any number 0-9
                              (See ISO Color Table)

   aSHORP0 14      ESC[0w     Normal pitch                         DEC
   aSHORP2 15      ESC[2w     Elite on                             DEC
   aSHORP1 16      ESC[1w     Elite off                            DEC
   aSHORP4 17      ESC[4w     Condensed fine on                    DEC
   aSHORP3 18      ESC[3w     Condensed off                        DEC
   aSHORP6 19      ESC[6w     Enlarged on                          DEC
   aSHORP5 20      ESC[5w     Enlarged off                         DEC
   aDEN6   21      ESC[6"z    Shadow print on                      DEC
   aDEN5   22      ESC[5"z    Shadow print off            (sort of)DEC
   aDEN4   23      ESC[4"z    Doublestrike on                      DEC
   aDEN3   24      ESC[3"z    Doublestrike off                     DEC
   aDEN2   25      ESC[2"z    NLQ on                               DEC
   aDEN1   26      ESC[1"z    NLQ off                              DEC

   aSUS2   27      ESC[2v     Superscript on                       +++
   aSUS1   28      ESC[1v     Superscript off                      +++
   aSUS4   29      ESC[4v     Subscript on                         +++
   aSUS3   30      ESC[3v     Subscript off                        +++
   aSUS0   31      ESC[0v     Normalize the line                   +++
   aPLU    32      ESCL       Partial line up                      ISO
   aPLD    33      ESCK       Partial line down                    ISO

   aFNT0   34      ESC(B      US char set or Typeface 0            DEC
   aFNT1   35      ESC(R      French char set or Typeface 1        DEC
   aFNT2   36      ESC(K      German char set or Typeface 2        DEC
   aFNT3   37      ESC(A      UK char set or Typeface 3            DEC
   aFNT4   38      ESC(E      Danish I char set or Typeface 4      DEC
   aFNT5   39      ESC(H      Swedish char set or Typeface 5       DEC
   aFNT6   40      ESC(Y      Italian char set or Typeface 6       DEC
   aFNT7   41      ESC(Z      Spanish char set or Typeface 7       DEC
   aFNT8   42      ESC(J      Japanese char set or Typeface 8      +++
   aFNT9   43      ESC(6      Norwegian char set or Typeface 9     DEC
   aFNT10  44      ESC(C      Danish II char set or Typeface 10    +++
                              (See Suggested Typefaces Table)

   aPROP2  45      ESC[2p     Proportional on                      +++
   aPROP1  46      ESC[1p     Proportional off                     +++
   aPROP0  47      ESC[0p     Proportional clear                   +++
   aTSS    48      ESC[n E    Set proportional offset              ISO
   aJFY5   49      ESC[5 F    Auto left justify                    ISO
   aJFY7   50      ESC[7 F    Auto right justify                   ISO
   aJFY6   51      ESC[6 F    Auto full justify                    ISO
   aJFY0   52      ESC[0 F    Auto justify off                     ISO
   aJFY3   53      ESC[3 F    Letter space (justify)      (special)ISO
   aJFY1   54      ESC[1 F    Word fill(auto center)      (special)ISO

   aVERP0  55      ESC[0z     1/8" line spacing                    +++
   aVERP1  56      ESC[1z     1/6" line spacing                    +++
   aSLPP   57      ESC[nt     Set form length n                    DEC
   aPERF   58      ESC[nq     Perf skip n (n>0)                    +++
   aPERF0  59      ESC[0q     Perf skip off                        +++

   aLMS    60      ESC#9      Left margin set                      +++
   aRMS    61      ESC#0      Right margin set                     +++
   aTMS    62      ESC#8      Top margin set                       +++
   aBMS    63      ESC#2      Bottom margin set                    +++
   aSTBM   64      ESC[n;     nr Top and bottom margins            DEC
   aSLRM   65      ESC[n;     ns Left and right margins DEC
   aCAM    66      ESC#3      Clear margins +++

   aHTS    67      ESCH       Set horizontal tab                   ISO
   aVTS    68      ESCJ       Set vertical tabs                    ISO
   aTBC0   69      ESC[0g     Clear horizontal tab                 ISO
   aTBC3   70      ESC[3g     Clear all h. tabs                    ISO
   aTBC1   71      ESC[1g     Clear vertical tab                   ISO
   aTBC4   72      ESC[4g     Clear all v. tabs                    ISO
   aTBCALL 73      ESC#4      Clear all h. & v. tabs               +++
   aTBSALL 74      ESC#5      Set default tabs                     +++
   aEXTEND 75      ESC[n"x    Extended commands                    +++

   aRAW    76      ESC[n"r    Next n chars are raw                 +++

   ISO     indicates that the sequence has been defined by the
           International Standards Organization.  This is
           also very similar to ANSI x3.64.

   DEC     indicates a control sequence defined by Digital Equipment

   +++     indicates a sequence unique to Amiga.

   n       stands for a decimal number expressed as a set of ASCII
           digits. In the aRAW string ESC[5"rHELLO, n is substituted by 5,
           the number of RAW characters you send to the printer.

           ISO Color Table            Suggested Typefaces
           ---------------            -------------------
           0  Black                   0   Default typeface
           1  Red                     1   Line Printer or equivalent
           2  Green                   2   Pica or equivalent
           3  Yellow                  3   Elite or equivalent
           4  Blue                    4   Helvetica or equivalent
           5  Magenta                 5   Times Roman or equivalent
           6  Cyan                    6   Gothic or equivalent
           7  White                   7   Script or equivalent
           8  NC                      8   Prestige or equivalent
           9  Default                 9   Caslon or equivalent
                                      10  Orator or equivalent

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