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   1. When dumping a 1 bitplane image select the black and white mode in
      Preferences. This is much faster than a grey-scale or color dump.

   2. Horizontal dumps are much faster than vertical dumps.

   3. Smoothing doubles the print time.  Use it for final copy only.

   4. F-S dithering doubles the print time.  Ordered and half-tone
      dithering incur no extra overhead.

   5. The lower the density, the faster the printout.

   6. Friction-fed paper tends to be much more accurate than tractor-fed
      paper in terms of vertical dot placement (i.e., less horizontal
      strips or white lines).

   7. Densities which use more than one pass tend to produce muddy
      grey-scale or color printouts.  It is recommended not to choose these
      densities when doing a grey-scale or color dump.

   Keep This in Mind.
   It is possible that the printer has been instructed to receive a
   certain amount of data and is still in an "expecting" state if an
   I/O request has been aborted by the user. This means the printer
   would try to finish the job with the data the next I/O request might
   send. Currently the best way to overcome this problem is for the
   printer to be reset.

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