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The serial device provides a hardware-independent interface to the Amiga's
built-in RS-232C compatible serial port.  Serial ports have a wide range
of uses, including communication with modems, printers, MIDI devices, and
other computers.  The same device interface can be used for additional
"byte stream oriented devices" - usually more serial ports.  The serial
device is based on the conventions of Exec device I/O, with extensions for
parameter setting and control.

                   Serial Device Characteristics
                   MODES           Exclusive
                                   Shared Access

                   BAUD RATES      110-292,000

                   HANDSHAKING     Three-Wire

 Serial Device Commands and Functions 
 Device Interface 
 A Simple Serial Port Example 
 Alternative Modes for Serial Input or Output 
 Setting Serial Parameters (SDCMD_SETPARAMS) 
 Querying the Serial Device 
 Sending the Break Command 
 Error Codes from the Serial Device 
 Multiple Serial Port Support 
 Taking Over the Hardware 
 Advanced Example of Serial Device Usage 
 Additional Information on the Serial Device 

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