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The Amiga timer device provides a general interface to the Amiga's
internal clocks.  Through the timer device, time intervals can be
measured, time delays can be effected, system time can be set and
retrieved, and arithmetic operations can be performed on time values.

                  NEW TIMER FEATURES FOR VERSION 2.0

               Feature                 Description
               --------                -----------
               UNIT_ECLOCK             New timer device unit
               UNIT_WAITUNTIL          New timer device unit
               UNIT_WAITECLOCK         New timer device unit
               ReadEClock()            New function

   Compatibility Warning:
   The new features for 2.0 are not backwards compatible.

 Timer Device Commands and Functions 
 Device Interface 
 System Time 
 Adding a Time Request 
 Using the Time Arithmetic Functions 
 E-Clock Time and Its Relationship to Actual Time 
 Example Timer Program 
 Additional Information on the Timer Device 

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