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Command          Operation
-------          ---------
CMD_FLUSH        Purge all active and queued requests for the input device.

CMD_RESET        Reset the input port to its initialized state.  All
                 active and queued I/O requests will be aborted.  Restarts
                 the device if it has been stopped.

CMD_START        Restart the currently active input (if any) and resume
                 queued I/O requests.

CMD_STOP         Stop any currently active input and prevent queued I/O
                 requests from starting.

IND_ADDHANDLER   Add an input-stream handler into the handler chain.

IND_REMHANDLER   Remove an input-stream handler from the handler chain.

IND_SETMPORT     Set the controller port to which the mouse is connected.

IND_SETMTRIG     Set conditions that must be met by a mouse before a
                 pending read request will be satisfied.

IND_SETMTYPE     Set the type of device at the mouse port.

IND_SETPERIOD    Set the period at which a repeating key repeats.

IND_SETTHRESH    Set the repeating key hold-down time before repeat starts.

IND_WRITEEVENT   Propagate an input event stream to all devices.

Input Device Function
PeekQualifier()  Return the input device's current qualifiers. (V36)

Exec Functions as Used in This Chapter
AbortIO()        Abort a command to the input device.

CheckIO()        Return the status of an I/O request.

CloseDevice()    Relinquish use of the input device.

DoIO()           Initiate a command and wait for completion (synchronous

OpenDevice()     Obtain shared use of the input device.

SendIO()         Initiate a command and return immediately (asynchronous

Exec Support Functions as Used in This Chapter
CreateExtIO()    Create an extended I/O request structure of type
                 IOStdReq.  This structure will be used to communicate
                 commands to the input device.

CreatePort()     Create a signal message port for reply messages from the
                 input device.  Exec will signal a task when a message
                 arrives at the reply port.

DeleteExtIO()    Delete an I/O request structure created by CreateExtIO().

DeletePort()     Delete the message port created by CreatePort().

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