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The Amiga's low-level hardware control functions are collectively referred
to as "Resources".  Most applications will never need to use the
hardware at the resource level - the Amiga's device interface is much more
convenient and provides for multitasking.  However, some high performance
applications, such as MIDI time stamping, may require direct access to the
Amiga hardware registers.

                     NEW FEATURES FOR VERSION 2.0

                     Feature         Description
                     ---------       ------------
                     BattClock       New resource
                     BattMem         New resource
                     FileSystem      New resource

   Compatibility Warning:
   The new features for 2.0 are not backwards compatible.

 The Amiga Resources      BattMem Resource      FileSystem Resource 
 Resource Interface       CIA Resource          Misc Resource 
 BattClock Resource       Disk Resource         Potgo Resource 

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