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This chapter describes the narrator device which, together with the
translator library, provides all of the Amiga's text-to-speech functions.
The narrator device is used to produce high-quality human-like speech in
real time.


   Feature        Description         Function
   -------        -----------         --------
   NDB_NEWIORB    Flag                Use V37 features
   NDB_WORDSYNC   Flag                Synchronize speech/mouth on words
   NDB_SYLSYNC    Flag                Synchronize speech/mouth on syllables
   F0enthusiasm   narrator_rb field   F0 excursion factor
   F0perturb      narrator_rb field   Amount of F0 perturbation
   F1adj          narrator_rb field   F1 adjustment in ±5% steps
   F2adj          narrator_rb field   F2 adjustment in ±5% steps
   F3adj          narrator_rb field   F3 adjustment in ±5% steps
   A1adj          narrator_rb field   A1 adjustment in decibels
   A2adj          narrator_rb field   A2 adjustment in decibels
   A3adj          narrator_rb field   A3 adjustment in decibels
   articulate     narrator_rb field   Transition time multiplier
   centralize     narrator_rb field   Degree of vowel centralization
   centphon       narrator_rb field   Pointer to central ASCII phon
   AVbias         narrator_rb field   Amplitude of voicing bias
   AFbias         narrator_rb field   Amplitude of frication bias
   priority       narrator_rb field   Priority while speaking

   Compatibility Warning:
   The new features for the 2.0 narrator device are not backwards

 Narrator Device Commands and Functions 
 Device Interface 
 Writing to the Narrator Device 
 Reading from the Narrator Device 
 How to Write Phonetically for Narrator 
 A More Technical Explanation 
 Example Speech and Mouth Movement Program 
 Additional Information on the Narrator Device 

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