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There are several phoneme combinations that appear very often in English
words.  Some of these are caused by our laziness in pronunciation.  Take
the word connector for example.  The o in the first syllable is almost
swallowed out of existence. You would not use the AA phoneme; you would
use the AX phoneme instead. It is because of this relaxation  of vowels
that we find ourselves using AX and IX very often.  Since this relaxation
frequently occurs before l, m, and n, narrator has a shortcut for typing
these combinations. Instead of personal being spelled PERSIXNAXL, we can
spell it PERSINUL, making it a little more readable.  Anomaly goes from
combination.  It may be hard to decide whether to use the AX or IX brand
of relaxed vowel.  The only way to find out is to use both and see which
sounds best.

Other special symbols are used internally by narrator.  Sometimes they are
inserted into or substituted for part of your input sentence.  You can
type them in directly if you wish.  The most useful is probably the Q or
glottal stop, an interruption of air flow in the glottis.  The word
Atlantic has one between the t and the l. Narrator knows there should be a
glottal stop there and saves you the trouble of typing it. But narrator is
only close to perfect, so sometimes a word or word pair might slip by that
would have sounded better with a Q stuck in someplace.

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