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 * Printer_Data.c
 * Example getting driver specifics.
 * Compiled with SAS C 5.10a. lc -cfist -v -L Printer_Data
 * Run from CLI only

#include <exec/types.h>
#include <exec/ports.h>
#include <devices/printer.h>
#include <devices/prtbase.h>

#include <clib/exec_protos.h>
#include <clib/alib_protos.h>
#include <clib/alib_stdio_protos.h>

union printerIO
    struct IOStdReq    ios;
    struct IODRPReq    iodrp;
    struct IOPrtCmdReq iopc;

VOID main(VOID);

struct MsgPort  *PrinterMP;
union printerIO *PIO;
struct PrinterData *PD;
struct PrinterExtendedData *PED;

/* Create non-public messageport. Could use CreateMsgPort() for this, that's
 * V37 specific however.
if (PrinterMP = (struct MsgPort *)CreatePort(0,0))
    /* Allocate printerIO union */
    if (PIO = (union printerIO *)CreateExtIO(PrinterMP, sizeof(union printerIO)))
        /* Open the printer.device */
        if (!(OpenDevice("printer.device",0,(struct IORequest *)PIO,0)))

            /* Now that we've got the device opened, let's see what we've got.
             * First, get a pointer to the printer data.
            PD = (struct PrinterData *)PIO->iodrp.io_Device;
            /* And a pointer to the extended data */
            PED = (struct PrinterExtendedData *)&PD->pd_SegmentData->ps_PED;

            /* See the <devices/prtbase.h> include file for more details on
             * the PrinterData and PrinterExtendedData structures.
            printf("Printername: '%s', Version: %ld, Revision: %ld\n",
            PED->ped_PrinterName, PD->pd_SegmentData->ps_Version,

            printf("PrinterClass: 0x%lx, ColorClass: 0x%lx\n",
            PED->ped_PrinterClass, PED->ped_ColorClass);

            printf("MaxColumns: %ld, NumCharSets: %ld, NumRows: %ld\n",
                PED->ped_MaxColumns, PED->ped_NumCharSets,PED->ped_NumRows);

            printf("MaxXDots: %ld, MaxYDots: %ld, XDotsInch: %ld, YDotsInch: %ld\n",
                PED->ped_MaxXDots, PED->ped_MaxYDots, PED->ped_XDotsInch, PED->ped_YDotsInch);

            CloseDevice((struct IORequest *)PIO);
             printf("Can't open printer.device\n");
        DeleteExtIO((struct IORequest *)PIO);
        printf("Can't CreateExtIO\n");
    DeletePort((struct MsgPort *)PrinterMP);
   printf("Can't CreatePort\n");

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