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A CHRS chunk contains a sequence of 8-bit characters abiding by the
ISO/ANSI standards cited at the start of this document.  This includes the
character set and control sequences as described above and summarized in
Appendix A and Appendix C.

A FORM FTXT may contain any number of CHRS chunks.  Taken together, they
represent a single stream of textual information.  That is, the contents
of CHRS chunks are effectively concatenated except that (1) each control
sequence must be completely within a single CHRS chunk, and (2) any
formatting property chunks appearing between two CHRS chunks affects the
formatting of the latter chunk's text.  Any formatting settings set by
control sequences inside a CHRS carry over to the next CHRS in the same
FORM FTXT.  All formatting properties stop at the end of the FORM since
IFF specifies that adjacent FORMs are independent of each other (although
not independent of any properties inherited from an enclosing LIST or

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