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 o    "Inside Macintosh", Volume II, Apple Computer, Inc.
 o    "Apple Numerics Manual", Second Edition, Apple Computer, Inc.
 o    "File Type Note: File Type $D8, Auxiliary Type $0002, Apple IIGS
       Sampled Instrument Format", Apple Computer, Inc.
 o    "Audio Interchange File Format v1.3",  APDA
 o    "AES Recommended Practice for Digital Audio Engineering--Serial
      Transmission Format for Linearly Represented Digital Audio Data",
      Audio Engineering Society, 60 East 42nd Street, New York, NY 10165
 o    "MIDI:  Musical Instrument Digital Interface, Specification 1.0", the
      International MIDI Association.
 o    "`EA IFF 85' Standard for Interchange Format Files", Electronic Arts
 o    "`8SVX' IFF 8-bit Sampled Voice", Electronic Arts

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