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FONS (0x464F4E53)   	/* Font chunk (Same as FTXT FONS chunk) */

The FONS chunk contains information about a font used in the DR2D FORM.
ProVector does not include support for Amiga fonts.  Instead, ProVector
uses fonts defined in the OFNT FORM which is documented later in this

    struct FONSstruct {
        ULONG       ID;
        ULONG       Size;
        UBYTE       FontID;         /* ID the font is referenced by */
        UBYTE       Pad1;           /* Always 0 */
        UBYTE       Proportional;   /* Is it proportional? */
        UBYTE       Serif;          /* does it have serifs? */
        CHAR        Name[Size-4];   /* The name of the font */

The UBYTE FontID field is the number DR2D assigns to this font. References
to this font by other DR2D chunks are made using this number.  The
Proportional and Serif fields indicate properties of this font.
Specifically, Proportional indicates if this font is proportional, and
Serif indicates if this font has serifs.  These two options were created
to allow for font substitution in case the specified font is not
available.  They are set according to these values:

	0	The DR2D writer didn't know if this font is
		  proportional/has serifs.
	1	No, this font is not proportional/does not have
	2	Yes, this font is proportional/does have serifs.

The last field, Name[], is a NULL terminated string containing the
name of the font.

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