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Several text chunks may be included in a FORM 8SVX to keep ancillary

The optional property "NAME" names the voice, for instance "tubular bells".

The optional property "(c) " holds a copyright notice for the voice.  The
chunk ID "(c) " serves as the copyright characters "(c) ".  E.g., a "(c) "
chunk containing "1986 Electronic Arts" means "(c) 1986 Electronic Arts".

The optional property "AUTH" holds the name of the instrument's "author"
or "creator".

The chunk types "NAME", "(c) ", and "AUTH" are property chunks.  Putting
more than one NAME (or other) property in a FORM is redundant.  Just the
last NAME counts.  A property should be shorter than 256 characters.
Properties can appear in a PROP 8SVX to share them over a LIST of FORMs

The optional data chunk "ANNO" holds any text annotations typed in by the

An ANNO chunk is not a property chunk, so you can put more than one in a
FORM 8SVX.  You can make ANNO chunks any length up to 2^31 - 1 characters,
but 32767 is a practical limit.  Since they're not properties, ANNO chunks
don't belong in a PROP 8SVX.  That means they can't be shared over a LIST
of FORMs 8SVX.

Syntactically, each of these chunks contains an array of 8-bit ASCII
characters in the range " " (SP, hex 20) through "~" (tilde, hex 7F), just
like a standard "TEXT" chunk.  [See "Strings, String Chunks, and String
Properties" in "EA IFF 85" Electronic Arts Interchange File Format.] The
chunk's ckSize field holds the count of characters.

    #define ID_NAME MakeID('N', 'A', 'M', 'E')
    /* NAME chunk contains a CHAR[], the voice's name.		*/

    define ID_Copyright MakeID('(', 'c', ')', ' ')
    /* "(c) " chunk contains a CHAR[], the FORM's copyright notice.*/

    #define ID_AUTH MakeID('A', 'U', 'T', 'H')
    /* AUTH chunk contains a CHAR[], the author's name.		*/

    #define ID_ANNO MakeID('A', 'N', 'N', 'O')
    /* ANNO chunk contains a CHAR[], author's text annotations.	*/

Remember to store a 0 pad byte after any odd-length chunk.

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