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#ifndef PACKER_H
#define PACKER_H
 * PACKER.H  typedefs for Data-Compresser.  		        1/22/86
 * This module implements the run compression algorithm "cmpByteRun1"; the
 * same encoding generated by Mac's PackBits.
 * By Jerry Morrison and Steve Shaw, Electronic Arts.
 * This software is in the public domain.
 * This version for the Amiga computer.

#include <exec/types.h>

/* This macro computes the worst case packed size of a "row" of bytes. */
#define MaxPackedSize(rowSize)  ( (rowSize) + ( ((rowSize)+127) >> 7 ) )

/* Given POINTERS to POINTER variables, packs one row, updating the source
 * and destination pointers. Returns the size in bytes of the packed row.
 * ASSUMES destination buffer is large enough for the packed row.
 * See MaxPackedSize. */
extern LONG PackRow(BYTE **, BYTE **, LONG);
		/*  pSource, pDest,   rowSize */

/* Given POINTERS to POINTER variables, unpacks one row, updating the source
 * and destination pointers until it produces dstBytes bytes (i.e., the
 * rowSize that went into PackRow).
 * If it would exceed the source's limit srcBytes or if a run would overrun
 * the destination buffer size dstBytes, it stops and returns TRUE.
 * Otherwise, it returns FALSE (no error). */
extern BOOL UnPackRow(BYTE **, BYTE **, WORD,     WORD);
		  /*  pSource, pDest,   srcBytes, dstBytes  */

BYTE *PutDump(BYTE *, int);
BYTE *PutRun(BYTE *,int,int);


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