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                  Read/   Denise/
Register Address  Write   Paula         Function
-------- -------  -----   -------       --------
CLXCON     098      W       D     Collision control

                 This register controls which bitplanes are
                 included (enabled) in collision detection and
                 their required state if included.  It also controls
                 the individual inclusion of odd-numbered sprites
                 in the collision detection by logically OR-ing
                 them with their corresponding even-numbered sprite.

                 BIT#  FUNCTION  DESCRIPTION
                 ----  --------  ------------------------------
                 15    ENSP7     Enable sprite 7 (ORed with sprite 6)
                 14    ENSP5     Enable sprite 5 (ORed with sprite 4)
                 13    ENSP3     Enable sprite 3 (ORed with sprite 2)
                 12    ENSP1     Enable sprite 1 (ORed with sprite 0)
                 11    ENBP6     Enable bitplane 6 (match required
                                 for collision)
                 10    ENBP5     Enable bitplane 5 (match required
                                 for collision)
                 09    ENBP4     Enable bitplane 4 (match required
                                 for collision)
                 08    ENBP3     Enable bitplane 3 (match required
                                 for collision)
                 07    ENBP2     Enable bitplane 2 (match required
                                 for collision)
                 06    ENBP1     Enable bitplane 1 (match required
                                 for collision)
                 05    MVBP6     Match value for bitplane 6 collision
                 04    MVBP5     Match value for bitplane 5 collision
                 03    MVBP4     Match value for bitplane 4 collision
                 02    MVBP3     Match value for bitplane 3 collision
                 01    MVBP2     Match value for bitplane 2 collision
                 00    MVBP1     Match value for bitplane 1 collision

                       NOTE:  Disabled bitplanes cannot prevent
                       collisions.  Therefore if all bitplanes are
                       disabled, collisions will be continuous,
                       regardless of the match values.

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