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This section shows you how to create a simple, steady sound and play it.
Many basic concepts that apply to all sound generation on the Amiga are
introduced in this section.

To produce a steady tone, follow these basic steps:

   1. Decide which channel to use.
   2. Define the waveform and create the sample table in memory.
   3. Set registers telling the system where to find the data and the
      length of the data.
   4. Select the volume at which the tone is to be played.
   5. Select the sampling period, or output rate of the data.
   6. Select an audio channel and start up the DMA.

 Deciding Which Channel to Use          Playing the Waveform 
 Creating the Waveform Data             Stopping the Audio Dma 
 Telling the System About the Data      Audio Summary 
 Selecting the Volume                   Audio Example 
 Selecting the Data Output Rate 

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