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This is a list of some key points that should be remembered when
programming the blitter.

*  Write  BLTSIZE  last; writing this register starts the blit.

*  Modulos and pointers are in bytes; width is in words and height is in
   pixels.  The least significant bit of all pointers and modulos is

*  The order of operations in the blitter is  masking ,  shifting , logical
   combination of sources,  area fill , and  zero flag  setting.

*  In ascending mode, the blitter increments the pointers, adds the
   modulos, and  shifts  to the right.

*  In  descending mode , the blitter decrements the pointers, subtracts
   the modulos, and shifts to the left.

*   Area fill  only works correctly in  descending mode .

*  Check  BLTDONE  before writing blitter registers or using the results
   of a blit.

*   Shifts  are done on immediate data as soon as it is loaded.

    ECS blitter .
   For information relating to the blitter hardware in the Enhanced Chip
   Set, see  Appendix C .

 Example:  Clearmem 
 Example:  Simpleline 
 Example:  Rotatebits 

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