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Ports A and B each consist of an 8-bit peripheral data register (PR) and
an 8-bit data direction register (DDR).  If a bit in the DDR is set to a
1, the corresponding bit position in the PR becomes an output.  If a DDR
bit is set to a 0, the corresponding PR bit is defined as an input.

When you READ a PR register, you read the actual current state of the I/O
pins (PA0-PA7, PB0-PB7, regardless of whether you have set them to be
inputs or outputs.

Ports A and B have passive pull-up devices as well as active pull-ups,
providing both CMOS and TTL compatibility.  Both ports have two TTL load
drive capability.

In addition to their normal I/O operations, ports PB6 and PB7 also provide
 timer  output functions.

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