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The special codes that the keyboard uses to communicate with the main unit
are summarized here.

   About the special codes.
   The special codes are 8-bit numbers; there is no  up/down flag 
   associated with them.  However, the  transmission bit order  is the
   same as previously described.

        Code       Name            Meaning
        78       Reset warning .  Ctrl-Amiga-Amiga has been hit -
                computer will be reset in 10 seconds. (see text)
        F9      Last key code bad, next code is the same code
                   retransmitted (used when keyboard and main unit
                   get  out of sync ).
        FA      Keyboard output buffer overflow
        FB      Unused (was controller failure)
        FC      Keyboard  selftest failed 
        FD      Initiate  power-up key stream  (keys pressed at powerup)
        FE      Terminate  power-up key stream 
        FF      Unused (was interrupt)

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