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The Zorro II bus can be broken down into various logical signal groups.
Some of these groups are unchanged in the Zorro III bus modes, others are
drastically different.  This section makes note of the original Zorro II
name for each signal and the current Zorro III  physical pin name  for each
signal, where different.  Some of this information will be repeated in the
Zorro III sections, where appropriate; nothing in this section is
considered critical to understanding the Zorro III bus, but it is useful.
As previously mentioned, the A2000 bus  signals unsupported  by the
Zorro II specification have been deleted from the Zorro III specification
and the A3000 implementation of Zorro III; this section will, however,
document those signals for reference purposes. Please see the
 Physical and Logical Signal Names  section for a complete list with pin
numbers of the various logical signals that appear on the physical bus
during the different phases of the Zorro II and Zorro III bus cycles.

 Power Connections           Slot Control Signals 
 Clock Signals               DMA Control Signals 
 System Control Signals      Addressing and Control Signals 

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