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     NewScaledDiskFont -- Create a DiskFont scaled from another. (V36)

     header = NewScaledDiskFont(srcFont, destTextAttr)
     D0                         A0       A1

     struct DiskFontHeader *NewScaledDiskFont( struct TextFont *,
             struct TTextAttr * );

     srcFont - the font from which the scaled font is to be
     destTextAttr - the desired attributes for the new scaled
         font.  This may be a structure of type TextAttr or

     header - a pointer to a DiskFontHeader structure.  This is not
             being managed by the diskfont.library, however.

     o   This function may use the blitter.
     o   Fonts containing characters that render wholly outside
         the character advance cell are currently not scalable.
     o   The font, and memory allocated for the scaled font can
         can be freed by calling StripFont() on the font,
         and then calling UnLoadSeg() on the segment created
         by this function.

         Both the TextFont structure, and segment pointer are contained
         within the DiskFontHeader struct.  The DiskFontHeader structure
         will also be freed as part of the UnLoadSeg() call.
         StripFont() is a new graphics.library call as of V36.

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