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    NewModifyProp -- ModifyProp(), but with selective refresh.

    NewModifyProp( Gadget, Window, Requester, Flags,
                   A0      A1      A2         D0
            HorizPot, VertPot, HorizBody, VertBody, NumGad )
            D1        D2       D3         D4        D5

    VOID NewModifyProp( struct Gadget *, struct Window *,
            struct Requester *, UWORD, UWORD, UWORD, UWORD, UWORD, WORD );

    Performs the function of ModifyProp(), but refreshes
    gadgets in the list as specified by the NumGad parameter.
    With NumGad = -1, this function is identical to ModifyProp().

    New for V36: When NumGad = 1, this function will now perform
    an incremental update of the proportional gadget knob image,
    rather than refreshing the entire gadget.  This means much
    less flashing when programmatically scrolling a proportional

    PropGadget = pointer to a proportional gadget
    Window = pointer to the window containing the gadget or the window
        containing the requester containing the gadget.
    Requester = pointer to a requester (may be NULL if this isn't
        a requester gadget)
    Flags = value to be stored in the Flags field of the PropInfo
    HorizPot = value to be stored in the HorizPot field of the PropInfo
    VertPot = value to be stored in the VertPot field of the PropInfo
    HorizBody = value to be stored in the HorizBody field of the PropInfo
    VertBody = value to be stored in the VertBody field of the PropInfo
    NumGad = number of gadgets to be refreshed after propgadget internals
        have been adjusted.  -1 means "to end of list."



    The Intuition Reference Manual contains more information on
    Proportional Gadgets.

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