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    RefreshGList -- Refresh (redraw) a chosen number of gadgets.

    RefreshGList( Gadgets, Window, Requester, NumGad )
                  A0       A1      A2         D0

    VOID RefreshGList( struct Gadget *, struct Window *,
            struct Requester *, WORD );

    Refreshes (redraws) gadgets in the gadget list starting
    from the specified gadget.  At most NumGad gadgets are redrawn.
    If NumGad is -1, all gadgets until a terminating NULL value
    in the NextGadget field is found will be refreshed, making this
    routine a superset of RefreshGadgets().

    The Requester parameter can point to a Requester structure.  If
    the first gadget in the list has the GTYP_REQGADGET flag set, the
    gadget list refers to gadgets in a requester and the pointer
    must necessarily point to a window.  If these are not the gadgets
    of a requester, the requester argument may be NULL.

    Be sure to see the RefreshGadgets() function description, as this
    function is simply an extension of that.

    Gadgets = pointer to the first in the list of gadgets wanting
    Window = pointer to the window containing the gadget or its requester
    Requester = pointer to a requester (ignored if Gadget is not attached
        to a Requester).
    NumGad  = maximum number of gadgets to be refreshed.  A value of -1
      will cause all gadgets to be refreshed from gadget to the
      end of the list.  A value of -2 will also do this, but if 'Gadgets'
      points to a Requester Gadget (GTYP_REQGADGET) ALL gadgets in the
      requester will be refreshed (this is a mode compatible with v1.1




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