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    DateToStr -- Converts a DateStamp to a string (V36)

    success = DateToStr( datetime )
    D0                      D1

    BOOL DateToStr(struct DateTime *)

    StamptoStr converts an AmigaDOS DateStamp to a human
    readable ASCII string as requested by your settings in the
    DateTime structure.

    DateTime - a pointer to an initialized DateTime structure.

    The DateTime structure should be initialized as follows:

    dat_Stamp - a copy of the datestamp you wish to convert to

    dat_Format - a format   byte which specifies the format of the
              dat_StrDate.  This can be any of the following
              (note: If value used is something other than those
              below, the default of FORMAT_DOS is used):

              FORMAT_DOS:     AmigaDOS format (dd-mmm-yy).

              FORMAT_INT:     International format (yy-mmm-dd).

              FORMAT_USA:     American format (mm-dd-yy).

              FORMAT_CDN:     Canadian format (dd-mm-yy).

              FORMAT_DEF:     default format for locale.

    dat_Flags - a   flags byte.  The only flag which affects this
              function is:

              DTF_SUBST:      If set, a string such as Today,
                              Monday, etc., will be used instead
                              of the dat_Format specification if
              DTF_FUTURE:     Ignored by this function.

    dat_StrDay - pointer to a buffer to receive the day of the
              week string.  (Monday, Tuesday, etc.). If null, this
              string will not be generated.

    dat_StrDate -   pointer to a buffer to receive the date
              string, in the format requested by dat_Format,
              subject to possible modifications by DTF_SUBST.  If
              null, this string will not be generated.

    dat_StrTime -   pointer to a buffer to receive the time of day
              string. If NULL, this will not be generated.

    success - a zero return indicates that the DateStamp was
              invalid, and could not be converted.  Non-zero
              indicates that the call succeeded.

    DateStamp(), StrtoDate(), <dos/datetime.h>

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