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    GetVar -- Returns the value of a local or global variable (V36)

    len = GetVar( name, buffer, size, flags )
    D0             D1     D2     D3    D4


    Gets the value of a local or environment variable.  It is advised to
    only use ASCII strings inside variables, but not required.  This stops
    putting characters into the destination when a n is hit, unless
    GVF_BINARY_VAR is specified.  (The n is not stored in the buffer.)

    name   - pointer to a variable name.
    buffer - a user allocated area which will be used to store
             the value associated with the variable.
    size   - length of the buffer region in bytes.
    flags  - combination of type of var to get value of (low 8 bits), and
             flags to control the behavior of this routine.  Currently
             defined flags include:

                    GVF_GLOBAL_ONLY - tries to get a global env variable.
                    GVF_LOCAL_ONLY  - tries to get a local variable.
                    GVF_BINARY_VAR  - don't stop at n

             The default is to try to get a local variable first, then
             to try to get a global environment variable.

    len -   Size of environment variable.  -1 indicates that the
            variable was not defined (if IoErr() returns
            ERROR_OBJECT_NOT_FOUND - it returns ERROR_BAD_NUMBER if
            you specify a size of 0).  If the value would overflow
            the user buffer, the buffer is truncated.  The buffer
            returned is null-terminated (even if GVF_BINARY_VAR is
            used).  The number of characters put in the buffer (not
            including '0') is returned, and IoErr() will return the
            the size of the variable.

    LV_VAR is the only type that can be global.
    Under V36, we documented (and it returned) the size of the variable,
    not the number of characters transferred.  For V37 this was changed
    to the number of characters put in the buffer, and the total size
    of the variable is put in IoErr().

    SetVar(), DeleteVar(), FindVar(), <dos/var.h>

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