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    FillRexxMsg - Fill the argument strings as needed

    result = FillRexxMsg(msgptr, count, mask)
    D0                   A0      D0     D1 [0:15]

    BOOL FillRexxMsg(struct RexxMsg *,ULONG,ULONG);

    This function will convert and install up to 16 argument strings into
    a RexxMsg structure.  The message packet's argument fields must be
    set to either a pointer to a NULL terminated string or an integer value
    The mask, bits 0 to 15, correspond to the type of value is stored
    in the argument slot.  If the bit is cleared, the argument is a
    string pointer; if the bit is set, the argument is an integer.

    msgptr - Pointer to a RexxMsg (allocated via CreateRexxMsg)
    count - The number of argument slots to fill in.  This number should
            be from 1 to 16.

    mask - A bit mask corresponding to the 16 fields that is used to
           determine the type of the field.

    result - A boolean.  If it is TRUE, the call worked.  If it is false,
             some allocation did not work.  All argstrings that were
             created will be released.

    ClearRexxMsg(), CreateArgstring(), DeleteArgstring(), CreateRexxMsg()


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