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    BltTemplate -- Cookie cut a shape in a rectangle to the RastPort.

    BltTemplate(SrcTemplate, SrcX, SrcMod, rp,
                A0           D0:16  D1:16  A1
        DstX,  DstY, SizeX, SizeY)
        D2:16  D3:16 D4:16  D5:16

    void BltTemplate(UWORD *, WORD, WORD, struct RastPort *,
         WORD, WORD, WORD, WORD);

    This function draws the image in the template into the
    RastPort in the current color and drawing mode at the
    specified position.  The template is assumed not to overlap
    the destination.
    If the template falls outside the RastPort boundary, it is
    truncated to that boundary.

    Note: the SrcTemplate pointer should point to the "nearest" word
       (rounded down) of the template mask. Fine alignment of the mask
       is acheived by setting the SrcX bit offseet within the range
       of 0 to 15 decimal.

    SrcTemplate  - pointer to the first (nearest) word of the template
    SrcX         - x bit offset into the template mask (range 0..15).
    SrcMod       - number of bytes per row in template mask.
    rp           - pointer to destination RastPort.
    DstX, DstY   - x and y coordinates of the upper left
                   corner of the destination for the blit.
    SizeX, SizeY - size of the rectangle to be used as the

    o   This function may use the blitter.

    BltBitMap()  graphics/rastport.h

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