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    Flood -- Flood rastport like areafill.

    error = Flood( rp, mode, x, y)
    d0            a1   d2  d0  d1

    BOOL Flood(struct RastPort *, ULONG, SHORT, SHORT);

    Search the BitMap starting at (x,y).
    Fill all adjacent pixels if they are:
        Mode 0: not the same color as AOLPen
        Mode 1: the same color as the pixel at (x,y)

    When actually doing the fill use the modes that apply to
    standard areafill routine such as drawmodes and patterns.

    rp - pointer to RastPort
    (x,y) - coordinate in BitMap to start the flood fill at.
    mode -  0 fill all adjacent pixels searching for border.
            1 fill all adjacent pixels that have same pen number
            as the one at (x,y).

    In order to use Flood, the destination RastPort must
    have a valid TmpRas raster whose size is as large as
    that of the RastPort.

    AreaEnd() InitTmpRas() graphics/rastport.h

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