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    LoadRGB4 -- Load RGB color values from table.

    LoadRGB4( vp, colors , count )
             a0     a1     d0:16

    void LoadRGB4( struct ViewPort *, UWORD *, WORD);

    load the count words of the colormap from table starting at
    entry 0.

    vp - pointer to ViewPort, whose colors you wish to change
    colors - pointer to table of RGB values set up as an array
             of USHORTS
                    background--  0x0RGB
                    color1    --  0x0RGB
                    color2    --  0x0RGB
                     etc.         UWORD per value.
            The colors are interpreted as 15 = maximum intensity.
                                          0 = minimum intensity.
    count   = number of UWORDs in the table to load into the
      colormap starting at color 0(background) and proceeding
      to the next higher color number

    The ViewPort should have a pointer to a valid ColorMap to store
    the colors in.
    Updates the hardware copperlist to reflect the new colors.
    Updates the intermediate copperlist with the new colors.


    NOTE: With V36 and up, it is not safe to call this function
    from an interrupt, because of the semaphore locking on graphics
    copper lists.

    SetRGB4() GetRGB4() GetColorMap() graphics/view.h

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