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    WeighTAMatch -- Get a measure of how well two fonts match. (V36)

    weight = WeighTAMatch(reqTextAttr, targetTextAttr, targetTags)
    D0                    A0           A1              A2

    WORD WeighTAMatch(struct TTextAttr *, struct TextAttr *,
         struct TagItem *);

    This function provides a metric to describe how well two fonts
    match.  This metric ranges from MAXFONTMATCHWEIGHT (perfect match)
    through lower positive numbers to zero (unsuitable match).

    reqTextAttr    - the text attributes requested.
    targetTextAttr - the text attributes of a potential match.
    targetTags     - tags describing the extended target attributes, or
                     zero if not available.

    The [t]ta_Name fields of the [T]TextAttr structures are not used.

    The tags affect the weight only when both a) the reqTextAttr
    has the FSF_TAGGED bit set in ta_Style, and b) targetTags is
    not zero.  To fairly compare two different weights, the inclusion
    or exclusion of tags in the weighing must be the same for both.

    weight -- a positive weight describes suitable matches, in
          increasing desirability.  MAXFONTMATCHWEIGHT is a perfect
          match.  A zero weight is an unsuitable match.


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