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    CMD_READ - Query the narrator device for mouth shape or other
               synchronization events.

    Standard device command.

    Currently, there are three events which the user can inquire
    about from the narrator device.  These are: mouth shape changes,
    start of word, and start of syllable.  Each read request returns
    information about any or all of these events as determined by
    the bits set in the sync field of the read IORequest block.  In
    the case of mouth shape changes, each shape returned is guaranteed
    to be different from the previously returned shape to allow
    updating to be done only when necessary.  Each read request is
    associated with a write request by information contained in the
    IORequest block used to open the device.  Since the first field
    in the read IORequest block is a write IORequest structure, this
    association is easily made by copying the write IORequest block
    (after the OpenDevice call) into the voice field of the read
    IORequest block.  If there is no write in progress or in the
    device input queue with the same pseudo unit number as the read
    request, the read will be returned to the user with an error.  This
    is also how the user knows that the write request has finished and
    that s/he should not issue any more reads.  Note that in this case
    the mouth shapes may not be different from previously returned values.

    mouth_rb IORequest block with the voice field (a narrator_rb
    structure) copied from the associated write request with the
    following fields modified:

       io_Message - Pointer to message port for read request
       io_Command - CMD_READ
       io_Error   - Clear before issuing first read
       width      - 0
       height     - 0

    As long as the speech is in progress, each read returns the
    following information in the mouth_rb IORequest block.

    If mouth shape changes are requested the following fields are
       width  - Contains mouth width value in arbitrary units
       height - Contains mouth height value in arbitrary units
       shape  - Compressed form of mouth shapes (internal use only)

    ******  NEW FOR V37 NARRATOR

    If word synchronization is requested:
       sync   - Bit NDB_WORDSYNC is set

    If syllable synchronization is requested:
       sync   - Bit NDB_SYLSYNC is set

    Note that any or all of the above fields can be set and it is
    the user's responsibility to check for all possibilities.

    Exec input/output documentation.

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