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    CD_SETDEFAULTKEYMAP -- set the current default keymap

    This console command copies/uses the keyMap structure pointed to
    by io_Data to the console device default keymap, which is used
    to initialize console units when opened, and by RawKeyConvert
    with a null keyMap parameter.

    io_Message      mn_ReplyPort set if quick I/O is not possible
    io_Device       preset by the call to OpenDevice
    io_Unit         preset by the call to OpenDevice
    io_Command      CD_SETDEFAULTKEYMAP
    io_Flags        IOF_QUICK if quick I/O possible, else zero
    io_Length       sizeof(*keyMap)
    io_Data         struct KeyMap *keyMap
                    pointer to a structure that describes
                    the raw keycode to byte stream conversion.

    This function sets the io_Error field in the IOStdReq, and fills
    the current device default key map from the structure pointed to
    by io_Data.

    As of V36, this command no longer copies the keymap structure,
    and the keymap must remain in memory until the default key map
    is changed.  In general there is no reason for applications to
    use this command.  The default key map will generally be set by
    the user using a system provided command/tool.

    exec/io.h, devices/keymap.h, devices/console.h

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