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	SetRexxVar - Sets the value of a variable of a running ARexx program

	error = SetRexxVar(message,varname,value,length)
	D0                 A0      A1      D0    D1

	LONG SetRexxVar(struct RexxMsg *,char *,char *,ULONG);

	This function will attempt to the the value of the symbol
	varname in the ARexx script that sent the message.

	While this function is new in the V37 amiga.lib, it is safe to
	call it in all versions of the operating system.  It is also
	PURE code, thus usable in resident/pure executables.

	This is a stub in amiga.lib.  It is only available via amiga.lib.
	The stub has two labels.  One, _SetRexxVar, takes the arguments
	from the stack.  The other, SetRexxVar, takes the arguments in

	This routine does a CheckRexxMsg() on the message.


	char	*value;

	/* Message is one from ARexx */
	if (!SetRexxVar(rxmsg,"TheVar","25 Dollars",10))
		/* The value of TheVar will now be "25 Dollars" */

	message		A message gotten from an ARexx script
	varname		The name of the variable to set
	value		A string that will be the new value of the variable
	length		The length of the value string

	error		0 for success, otherwise an error code.
			(Other codes may exists, these are documented)
			3  == Insufficient Storage
			9  == String too long
			10 == invalid message

	SetRexxVar(), CheckRexxMsg()

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