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	CxBroker -- create a commodity broker. (V36)

	broker = CxBroker(nb,error);
	D0		  A0 D0

	CxObj *CxBroker(struct NewBroker *,LONG *);

	This function creates a broker from the specification found in the
	NewBroker structure pointed to by 'nb'. The purpose and meaning of the
	fields of the NewBroker structure are described below. Also see
	<libraries/commodities.h> for more info.

	struct NewBroker
	    BYTE            nb_Version;
	    STRPTR          nb_Name;
	    STRPTR          nb_Title;
	    STRPTR          nb_Descr;
	    WORD            nb_Unique;
	    WORD	    nb_Flags;
	    BYTE            nb_Pri;
	    struct MsgPort *nb_Port;
	    WORD            nb_ReservedChannel;

	This is the way that future versions of commodities can identify
	which version of the NewBroker structure you are using. This should be
	set to NB_VERSION as defined in <libraries/commodities.h>

	This is the name of the broker. This name is used to find the broker
	in commodities' object list and is the name shown in the listview
	gadget of the Exchange program. The name string is copied in the
	broker object upon creation so it can be discarded right after
	CxBroker() returns. The maximum length of the name string is defined
	by a constant in <libraries/commodities.h>.

	nb_Title, nb_Descr
	These are two strings which appear to the user in the Exchange
	program and describe the application the broker is representing.
	Note that these strings are copied into the broker object so they
	can be discarded right after CxBroker() returns. The maximum length
	of these strings that will be recognized are defined by constants in

	This field indicates what should happen if a broker of the same name
	(nb_Name) already exists in commodities' object list. Constants
	in <libraries/commodities.h> allow the caller to specify whether
	another broker is to be created, and whether any existing broker of
	the same name should be notified that an attempt at creating a
	duplicate has been made.

	This specifies with what priority the new broker is to be inserted
	within commodities' object list. Higher priority nodes appear
	earlier in a list. It is strongly recommended that the ToolTypes
	environment of an application be used to allow the end-user to set
	the priority of the broker.

	nb - an initialized NewBroker structure
	error - a pointer to a longword where to store a failure code (may be

	broker - a pointer to the broker object or NULL upon failure. If the
		 'error' pointer is not NULL, a further diagnostic code is
		 placed at that address. Error codes are defined in
		 <libraries/commodities.h> and include:

			No problems; broker created OK.

			System problems, not your fault, sign of low memory.

			The nb_Unique field specified that only one broker of
			'nb_Name' should be allowed, and one already exists.

			The version specified in 'nb_Version' is unknown to the

	SetCxObjPri(), <libraries/commodities.h>

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